Building stage inspections in Brisbane

Building a new home or commercial property is an exciting journey, but it’s crucial to make sure that every stage of the construction process meets the required standards. Our Building Stage Inspections in Brisbane help you keep track of and assess every stage of your construction project. You can use our services to confidently monitor the progress of your project. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and safeguard your investment!


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What are Building stage inspections?

During the building process, there are 4 important inspections carried out at different construction stages. with the last one being the Pre-handover/Practical Completion Inspection. Additionally, a Warranty Inspection is conducted at the end of the first year. We highly recommend these inspections to guarantee that your property meets the highest quality standards.

At BSK Group QLD, our skilled and experienced building and pest inspector in Brisbane conduct comprehensive stage inspections in Brisbane with fast turnarounds that helps property owners make informed decisions.

What does a Brisbane Building stage inspections include?

Our construction stages Inspections will guide you through each phase of your construction project with expert oversight and detailed analysis. Whether you’re building a residential home or a commercial property, our service ensures that each critical stage meets industry standards and your expectations.

Also known as a Pre Slab or Base Inspection, our foundation stage inspection occurs before the concrete is poured to create the base.

What we inspect:

  • Site Dimensions and Excavation:

Confirming that the excavation matches the required depth and size specifications, ensuring the ground is adequately prepared.

  • Termite Prevention:

Ensuring that effective termite protection, such as barriers or treatments, is correctly in place to prevent infestations.

  • Quality of Construction Materials:

Evaluating the quality and correct application of materials, like concrete and reinforcement bars, to ensure they comply with the required standards and specifications.

  • Footings and Beams:

Verifying that the footings and beams are positioned and sized accurately to provide the necessary structural support as per design plans.

  • Reinforcement Mesh Placement:

Checking that the reinforcement wire mesh is placed and secured properly to uphold the slab’s structural strength.

  • Formwork Inspection:

Ensuring that the formwork is correctly installed, stable, and aligned with the design plans.

  • Drainage and Site Conditions:

Evaluating the site for proper drainage, level ground, and optimal conditions for pouring concrete.

  • Plumbing and Utility Lines:

Inspecting the placement and installation of plumbing, waste, drainage, and gas lines to ensure they are correctly laid out and will not interfere with the structural integrity of the slab.

  • Moisture Barrier Installation:

Ensuring that moisture barriers are correctly installed to prevent moisture ingress, which can lead to long-term structural issues.

Conducting a Frame Inspection is crucial to verify the structural integrity of the building frame and its adherence to design specifications.

During a Frame Inspection, the inspector checks the building’s structural framework to ensure it meets quality standards and regulations.

A Frame Inspection is conducted once the construction of the wall and roof frames is finished and has received approval from the Building Surveyor.

  • Spacing and Bracing of Frames

Ensuring correct spacing and bracing of frames is crucial for structural stability. Properly spaced frames provide support for the building, while adequate bracing prevents movement and maintains alignment during construction.

  • Finish of Concrete Slab

The finish of a concrete slab is essential for its durability and aesthetic appeal. A smooth, level surface free of cracks and defects indicates a well-executed slab, ensuring it can bear loads and resist wear over time.

  • Plumbing and Drainage Systems

Plumbing and drainage systems must be meticulously installed to ensure proper water flow and waste removal. This includes verifying that pipes are correctly aligned, sealed, and adequately supported to prevent leaks and blockages.

  • Openings for Windows and Doors

Openings for windows and doors must be precisely measured and cut to ensure they fit perfectly. Properly aligned and sized openings are essential for the installation of windows and doors, ensuring energy efficiency and security.

A Lock Up Inspection is conducted once the doors and windows are fitted to confirm the security of the house. This inspection occurs after the exterior wall and roof coverings are finished, and the plumbing and utility pipes are in place, but before the internal wall lining is installed.

what we usually inspect

  • Guttering and fascia boards

  • Finalization of roofing

  • The brickwork has been properly set up

  • Locking mechanisms for windows & doors

  • Position and setup status of windows

  • Cornice and wall coverings

  • Location and installation condition of windows

  • height of the room and ceiling

  • Correct installation of the roof cladding

  • Installation and location of plumbing pipes

  • correct setup of electric wires

A handover inspection is crucial to confirm that the finished property meets your expectations.

The handover or Practical Completion happens when the builder is confident the building is finished and has been thoroughly cleaned.

The PCI (Practical completion Inspection) is carried out prior to the keys being given to the purchaser. This Inspection focuses on minor defects and ensures the quality of construction by the builder.

You will need a professional handover inspection when all building activities are completed.

what is usually inspected:

  • Proper installation of doors, windows, and running boards & cabinets
  • Implementation of pest control measures and alignment of joints & tiles
  • Straightness and general quality of ceilings, walls, corners, and construction
  • Potential safety hazards
  • Comprehensive assessment of all interior materials and craftsmanship, adhering to relevant Australian Standards.
  • Verification of proper installation of windows and doors.
  • Installation checks for smoke detectors.

And more.

Discover more About our Handover inspections in Brisbane.

Customer Reviews about our building stage inspections

juma mjuma m
09:07 04 Jun 24
Very happy with the services
sijomon joysijomon joy
08:21 04 Jun 24
Really a good man, he did house inspection very honestly and neatly. All the areas he covered and gave a good report with acceptable price. He is very intimate while conversation. He is very gentle and good character. I am very much impressive and suggested to anyone for the future inspection those who needs. Thanks Babak
Mobin MomeniMobin Momeni
05:44 30 May 24
Had a great experience. A thorough inspection that really helped with our house purchase and received the report on time. Inspector was friendly and professional
Solomon MASolomon MA
09:51 24 May 24
Babak is very diligent and professional, he definitely knows what he is doing. From the ground the roof, everything has been inspected carefully, great service, definitely will recommend to others.
Natalie BroadNatalie Broad
04:04 24 May 24
Highly recommend Babak from BSK group, finished at building and pest at a property we have on the market. Was very insightful and informative. Thank you
Arun and RoshniArun and Roshni
12:59 22 May 24
Babak was very accommodating, reliable and pretty straightforward to communicate with. Super fast turnaround for the building and pest report. I would highly recommend his service especially when you have tight deadlines in your contract for b&p.
11:19 24 Apr 24
My friend recommended Babak, praising his professionalism and expertise. When we met him on inspection day, he was friendly, polite, and approached his tasks with care as if it were his own home. We received the detailed report on the same day, and the pricing was fair. Overall, a positive experience with Babak as our pest and building inspector.
Emad AhmadiEmad Ahmadi
05:11 22 Apr 24
Exceptional service! Babak demonstrates professionalism and thoroughness in his work. I wholeheartedly endorse BSK for their building and pest inspection services. The comprehensive report was promptly delivered, and the pricing was reasonable. Overall, our experience with Babak as our inspector was overwhelmingly positive.
Raman BawaRaman Bawa
23:31 16 Apr 24
Great service!! Babak is very professional and thorough in his work. I highly recommend BSK for building and pest inspection services.We received the detailed report on the same day, and the pricing was fair. Overall, a positive experience with Babak as our pest and building inspector.
I cannot recommend BSK-Group highly enough for their exceptional building and pest inspection services! From start to finish, their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction were evident.First and foremost, scheduling an appointment was a breeze. Their team was incredibly accommodating, finding a time that suited my busy schedule without any hassle.

Why Hire us to conduct Stage Inspection in Brisbane?

  • We Deliver accurate and detailed reports 
  • 24 hour turnaround or your money back
  • 100% transparency, clear communication and customizable service
  • Get a free accurate quote
  • We use the latest technology and easy to understand images and reports.
  • Happy customers: see our reviews for yourself for assurance in our services


When you hire BSK Group QLD for your stage inspection in Brisbane, you get all the information you need to make an informed decision at every stage of your construction project.

Our detailed quality checks make us a favourite choice for our customers in Brisbane.

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Frequently Asked Questions about building stage inspections in Brisbane

1. What are Building Stage Inspections?

Building Stage Inspections are detailed assessments conducted at various stages of a construction project to ensure that all aspects of the build meet the necessary standards, regulations, and plans. These inspections help identify and address potential issues early, reducing costly corrections later.

2. Why are Building Stage Inspections important?

We highly recommend conducting independent building inspections at specific stages of construction to ensure that the quality of the work performed is not compromised or defective.

By engaging an independent building inspection service like BSK to perform Stage Inspections throughout the construction process, as well as at Building Handover Inspection, issues can be identified early and addressed. This proactive approach helps avoid conflicts and minimizes stress for all parties involved.

3. Can i attend the inspections at different building stages?

Yes, you are welcome to attend the inspections at different stages of the building process. Being present allows you to see first hand the progress of the construction and understand any findings or recommendations made by the inspector.

4. What happens if the inspection reveals problems at any stage?

If the inspection identifies any issues at any stage of construction, these will be documented in a detailed report. our inspector will provide recommendations for necessary corrections or repairs. You can then discuss these findings with your builder or contractor to ensure that all issues are addressed promptly and in accordance with building standards, preventing future complications.

5. How much do our Building Stage Inspections cost in Brisbane?

The cost for comprehensive Building Stage Inspections in Brisbane covering all phases is $2,000 including GST.

If you choose to have inspections conducted at individual phases, the cost is $450 per phase. For the final phase also known as a handover inspection which includes a 4-bedroom inspection, the cost is $520.

For a more accurate quote, or if your project is outside Brisbane, please call us.