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With our Handover Inspections in Brisbane, you can confidently take possession of your new property, knowing that all issues have been identified and addressed. Our clear, actionable reports provide you with the information you need to make sure your new home or commercial space meets the highest standards before you take ownership. 

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In the simplest terms: your home reaches practical completion and is ready for handover once all construction work is completed and the property is suitable for you, the owner, to move in.

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What is a Handover Inspection or Practical Completion Inspection in Brisbane

As the final step in your building stage inspections, Handover building inspections also known as practical completion inspections (PCI) are a crucial step when you’re about to take ownership of a new home or building. 

This inspection serves as the ultimate review to ensure that every aspect of the construction is executed correctly and aligns with what was outlined in your agreement.

Our Building stage inspections: Handover inspections Brisbane

As mentioned in our Building stage inspections page, our handover building inspection is the last inspection of the 4 stage inspections.

these stages are as follows:

  • Base Stage – Inspection happens before the concrete slab is poured.

  • Frame Stage – Conducted after the completion of the framework but prior to the installation of internal wall linings.

  • Lock-Up Stage – Performed when the external doors and windows are secured and the roofing is installed.
  • Pre-Handover – A thorough building handover inspection is carried out .

This is followed by:

Building Warranty Inspection – This is performed within 12 months as a secondary Building Handover Inspection to identify any defects that the builder is required to address under the QBCC’s 12-month warranty period.

What Does the inspection include? our Handover building inspection checklist:

Site Evaluation

  • Access and Entry: Ensure comprehensive access for inspection tools and personnel.
  • Land Gradient and Orientation: Evaluate the slope, orientation, and general layout of the site.
  • Soil and Environmental Conditions: Assess soil type, risks of erosion, sediment control, and environmental conditions like weather and potential for termite habitats.

Property Enhancements and Safety

  • Landscaping and Ground Level: Review landscaping integrity and the finished ground levels adjacent to buildings.
  • Infrastructure Integrity: Inspect driveways, gates, stormwater pipes, and sanitary drainage for functionality and compliance.
  • Termite Prevention Measures: Examine termite control barriers noted, including their type and location.


  • Sheds and Pergolas: Evaluate the structural adequacy, materials, and craftsmanship of additional structures like sheds and pergolas.

Exterior Assessment

  • Foundation and Structural Integrity: Inspect the foundations, walls, weatherproofing, and structural tie-downs.
  • Openings and Finishes: Review doors, windows, external paint, and glazing for operational functionality and finish quality.


  • Brickwork Integrity: Assess the condition and placement of control joints, mortar strength, and overall brickwork integrity.
  • Moisture Prevention: Check for weep holes, flashing, and other moisture prevention methods in brickwork.

Interior Finishing Check

  • Door and Window Installation: Ensure all doors and windows are correctly installed and functional.
  • Room Finishes: Evaluate ceilings, wall linings, and floor conditions for quality of finish and any defects.

Structural Framework Inspection

  • Floor and Roof Supports: Assess clearance and structural integrity of subfloor frames and roof trusses.
  • Structural Walls and Masonry: Check for proper alignment and strength of masonry brick and block walls.
  • Construction Elements: Examine rafters, fire-rated partitions, and the adequacy of binders and bracings.
  • Framework Alignment: Ensure that wall and roof frames are securely fastened and correctly aligned.
  • Opening Constructions: Review the construction and positioning of window and door frames to ensure they are plumb, level, and securely fastened.
  • Ceiling Consistency: Verify the uniformity and proper spacing of ceiling frames and the overall ceiling height.
  • Additional Supports and Bracings: Inspect for proper installation of lintels, girder trusses, and additional supports like manholes and bulkheads.
  • Foundation and Wall Positioning: Assess the positioning of the external wall frame relative to the slab and overall structural coherence.


Safety and Utilities Review

  • Electrical and Plumbing Systems: Inspect electrical systems, plumbing installations, and ensure all safety devices like smoke alarms are present and functional.

The handover Inspection Process

Understanding our process is straightforward:

  • Step 1: Get a quote, and we’ll schedule your inspection.
  • Step 2: Our inspector conducts a thorough inspection of your property which you are welcome to attend.
  • Step 3: Receive a detailed report with findings and recommendations within 24 hours.

Our handover inspections provide detailed checks of your new property, to ensure every aspect from the foundation to the roof is safe and sound. Here’s why Brisbane residents trust us for their building inspection needs:

  • Comprehensive Inspections
  • Detailed Reports: Receive clear, actionable reports that help you understand the condition of your property.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Highly skilled Building inspector with Engineering Background
  • Fast and easy to read pre-handover reports: you will receive your report in 24 hours.

We have inspected over a thousand homes, with every customer fully satisfied by the detailed and easy-to-understand nature of our reports. We’re dedicated to helping you settle into your new home without settling for less!

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New Home Handover Inspection Cost

The cost for a building handover inspection for a new home in Brisbane depends on many factors so we recommend getting in touch for a more accurate pricing. get a free and instant quote now!



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Get Ready for a Smooth Handover Process

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Customer Testimonials

juma mjuma m
09:07 04 Jun 24
Very happy with the services
sijomon joysijomon joy
08:21 04 Jun 24
Really a good man, he did house inspection very honestly and neatly. All the areas he covered and gave a good report with acceptable price. He is very intimate while conversation. He is very gentle and good character. I am very much impressive and suggested to anyone for the future inspection those who needs. Thanks Babak
Mobin MomeniMobin Momeni
05:44 30 May 24
Had a great experience. A thorough inspection that really helped with our house purchase and received the report on time. Inspector was friendly and professional
Solomon MASolomon MA
09:51 24 May 24
Babak is very diligent and professional, he definitely knows what he is doing. From the ground the roof, everything has been inspected carefully, great service, definitely will recommend to others.
Natalie BroadNatalie Broad
04:04 24 May 24
Highly recommend Babak from BSK group, finished at building and pest at a property we have on the market. Was very insightful and informative. Thank you
Arun and RoshniArun and Roshni
12:59 22 May 24
Babak was very accommodating, reliable and pretty straightforward to communicate with. Super fast turnaround for the building and pest report. I would highly recommend his service especially when you have tight deadlines in your contract for b&p.
11:19 24 Apr 24
My friend recommended Babak, praising his professionalism and expertise. When we met him on inspection day, he was friendly, polite, and approached his tasks with care as if it were his own home. We received the detailed report on the same day, and the pricing was fair. Overall, a positive experience with Babak as our pest and building inspector.
Emad AhmadiEmad Ahmadi
05:11 22 Apr 24
Exceptional service! Babak demonstrates professionalism and thoroughness in his work. I wholeheartedly endorse BSK for their building and pest inspection services. The comprehensive report was promptly delivered, and the pricing was reasonable. Overall, our experience with Babak as our inspector was overwhelmingly positive.
Raman BawaRaman Bawa
23:31 16 Apr 24
Great service!! Babak is very professional and thorough in his work. I highly recommend BSK for building and pest inspection services.We received the detailed report on the same day, and the pricing was fair. Overall, a positive experience with Babak as our pest and building inspector.
I cannot recommend BSK-Group highly enough for their exceptional building and pest inspection services! From start to finish, their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction were evident.First and foremost, scheduling an appointment was a breeze. Their team was incredibly accommodating, finding a time that suited my busy schedule without any hassle.

Handover/Practical completion inspection sample report

Download our sample report to see a detailed overview of our Handover Building Inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Handover Building Inspections in Brisbane

When and why do i need a pre-handover inspection

As you prepare to take ownership of your new property, ensuring everything is in perfect condition is crucial. Our Handover Building Inspection provides a detailed, professional review of your building from top to bottom so you can make your final payment with confidence. This service is designed for new homeowners or builders who want to ensure that every aspect of their property meets quality and safety standards before the final handover and will help you avoid costly repairs that could arise later if issues go unnoticed.

You need a handover inspection to identify any issues or defects that need to be corrected by the builder before you take ownership. This can save you time, money, and stress in the long run by avoiding disputes and costly repairs after moving in.

Remember, a handover building inspection is a small investment for the peace of mind and security it provides in ensuring your new home or building is exactly as you expect it to be.

How much does a handover inspection cost?

The cost of a handover inspection varies based on the size of the property and the scope of the inspection. Our handover inspections prices start from $314 for a granny flat and go up to $520 for a 5 bedroom house

It is best to get a quote for accurate pricing.

If you are considering our comprehensive stage inspection package, which includes all stages of inspection, the total cost is $2,000

How long does a handover building inspection take?

The duration of a handover inspection can vary depending on the size and complexity of the property. Typically, it can take several hours to thoroughly inspect every aspect of the building.

Can I be present during the inspection?

Yes, you can be present during the inspection. It’s a good opportunity to see firsthand any issues the inspector may find and ask questions about the property.

What if the inspection reveals problems?

If the inspection reveals problems, you can request the builder to fix them before you finalize the purchase. The inspection report provides a documented list of issues that need to be resolved.

It is the contractor’s responsibility to repair any defects noted at the handover or within a year of the work’s completion. The property owner must alert the contractor to any defects within a year of noticing them.

Can BSK Group handle other stage inspections for new homes?

Yes, BSK Group conducts stage inspections for new homes, including a building handover inspection and follow-up inspections within 12 months for warranty items and within six years for structural problems.

Is a pre-purchase building and pest inspection the same as pre-handover building inspection?

No these two inspections are completely different. we also offer the best and most through pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Brisbane 

Pest inspections are not typically included as part of a standard handover inspection in Brisbane. Handover inspections focus primarily on the construction quality and completeness of the building. However, for comprehensive property assessment, BSK group advise you to book a separate pest inspection to ensure the property is free from pest infestations, which could affect the structure over time.

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